Let’s Tie Up Prestige Package


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Let’s Tie Up Prestige Package

All #Operationwakesurf Salute to Service fenders sold, will have a portion of the proceeds donated back into the program!

This is for the boater that wants the one stop shop, to make tying up as easy as possible, and have peace of mind that their boat will be properly protected .  

Simplicity meets functionality in all aspects with this package, giving you XL fenders for the spacing and protection you need for those unwanted wakes/waves.  This package eliminates nearly all shock load with our super easy to use bungees. No more hard knots or overcrowded cleats where fenders and lines fight for space.  Boatswains Mate bungees perfectly place each fender on a cleat and can be used to take care of any other securement on the water, whether it be docking, securing water float and toys, tying items down or around board racks, holding towels, the list is infinite.

  Package includes

(1) Pack of Boat-2-Boat Bungees
(4) XL Let’s Tie Up Fenders
(4) Three foot BM bungees (one for each fender to secure and perfectly place along the boat)
(1) DC Pump – Works on tubes, bumpers, fenders and water inflatables
(1) 12×24″ Storage back to keep everything in one place and organized

    Save $67.99 with this package…MSRP $277.88

    Bumpers and Bungees come with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or full refund!




    Note: Some fenders may come with a thin exterior production film.  Do not leave inflated fenders on your vinyl without washing the exterior of the fender with water or water and soap first.  If the fender is left in one spot for an extended period of time, it can lead to discoloration.

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