My family and I moved to the Lake Norman area a little over a year ago and this was our first full summer on the lake. Wake surfing is something I would have never imagined I’d do in a million years, but a few friends of mine surf regularly and I thought it looked so fun. I learned about Robby and PasstheHandle and within a week had scheduled a lesson. When he told me he’d have me up and surfing within an hour I responded with extreme doubt, but he reassured me that we’d be able to make it happen and he was right! Robby not only knows what he’s doing when it comes to the sport but has a way with people. He teaches a watersport, but he also teaches people to step outside their comfort zone, to enjoy the moment, to let go, and have fun – something everyone could use more of. As a mom of two little kids, I never thought that I’d take on a new hobby at this point in my life, but I am absolutely hooked.

Lara Tumer

There are very few programs and even fewer people that can impact a sport and it’s participants like the Pass the Handle program has for my family. Robby and Tanner have put together a team approach that draws you back to the water creating a love for wake sports that cannot be matched. They do this all to drive wake sports forward and engage people in the world of water sports free of charge. Every week they bring the joy of watersports to first time riders, athletes with disabilities and to anyone willing to give it a try. Robby’s humble and encouraging personality creates an approach to teaching people of all ages, shapes and sizes to wake surf that will energize you to be on the water everyday. You will be inspired to draw others to experience being on the water after just one trip out with him. Tanner’s infectious smile, laugh and ability to work with children should be what we all strive for in coaching our youth to try new things and enjoy life. In just 30 minutes, Tanner was able to teach my 7 year old daughter to do a surface 180 on her wake board and created a smile on her face that will warm any parent’s heart. Together Robby and Tanner have created a Pass the Handle program that should be the industry standard in watersports. I encourage you, if you have ever even thought about trying a wake related sport, to take a trip out with Robby and Tanner. I promise you will not want to get off the boat at the end of the day.

Derek Harmon

Satisfied Customer

Robby is one of the next-level ambassadors for Pass The Handle and our industry wishes there were more like him. His passion for wake sports is contagious and he understands the importance of sales to make the industry better for all involved. From first-timers to top pros, Robby truly gets it and continues to deliver a fun and safe experience for the thousands of participants he has introduced to wake sports.

Kevin Michael

Executive Director

The first time I went out with PTH, I had no intention of purchasing a boat to pick up this hobby. What I quickly found out is that it’s not just a hobby, but an obsession for my whole family! They are encouraging, patient, and strive to make your experience one to remember. The best part of learning this new sport is that my whole family can participate, and spend our best time together out enjoying the water. The PTH team goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience and great customer service!


Satisfied Customer

So proud of this guy and the passion he exudes for this port.  Great job Robby Maschhaupt, you’re a hero in my eyes!  #passthehandle

Zane Schwenk

Co-Founder of Pass the Handle

One guy that I know I can trust to bring a smile to not just one person’s face, but an entire boat full, it’s Robby. His passion, enthusiasm and just pure joy that he has when teaching others to get up behind a boat for the first time is nothing short of contagious. And that’s what our sport needs to grow. He knows how to connect w a 4 or 84 year old and has been passing the handle before Pass The Handle was even a program, so it’s natural for him to take the torch and run. Robby is one of, if not the biggest spokesperson that our Pass The Handle program has and I’m proud to call him a good friend more than anything.

Shaun Murray

Cofounder of Pass The Handle